How To Create A Backyard Theatre

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I’m looking out of the window today, and I’m reminded of the fun summer brings.  This year is going to be
different though, celebrations will take on a new look.  Thinking of that, my mind goes to what
and how are we going to be entertaining this year.  As I mentioned in my previous column:
‘Trends of 2020’ (January, 2020), eco-consumption and support come to mind.  Since many of
us have gone through our stuff, you may have found lots of items you have no use for anymore.
But as the eco-consumption trend shows, many of us want to reuse or re-purpose our

Thinking of the eco-consumption trend, here’s a fun idea for entertaining in our backyards this
summer: a ‘Backyard Home Theatre’.  What an amazing experience it would be to have your old
stereo equipment hooked up, that bean bag chair or old mattress covered with fluffy pillows,
quilts that grandma made and viewing a movie outdoors. Camping chairs and blow-up pool
chairs would work as well.  You could create viewing areas to accommodate guests when
outside visits resume.  Things you would need are a clothesline to hang white sheets to form
your screen (a couple of King-size sheets would be ideal) and a projector which can be
purchased online for a reasonable price.  Just keep in mind you want one that is 2,000 lumens
or more so you can start viewing earlier at night.  You could stream from your computer or for
that nostalgic feel you could get a DVD player or Blu Ray and your favourite DVD movies.
That would definitely bring back memories or better yet, if you had old camcorder family videos.
It’s always a hoot to look back and remember the past and the fun that you had.  Don’t forget to
check that you have the right connecting cords. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having
everything you need when you’re about to start.

Add a special touch for this ‘Theatre’ theme with solar lighting to create the walkway and strings
of lights throughout the trees. You could even go as far as to create a poster to give to guests
upon their arrival with the movies being viewed tonight, with possible trivia questions and a
winner at the end of the evening.

What are the best treats to have during the outdoor event? Popcorn of course – served in paper
bags! Repurposed old flower pots are great as finger food holders.  These can be washed and
painted with fun theatre images to create that movie atmosphere.  Consider Decoupage pictures
from the past for special guests. Ideas for beverages include the old metal coolers filled with ice,
with a selection for drinks for your family and friends.

Instead of having a buffet-style area for treats one thought is combining items like candies,
chocolate and the like into little bags for your guests to enjoy.  Think about side tables in each
cluster. You can make these out of up-turned laundry baskets, old wooden crates or even
cardboard boxes.  With the treats already in place, your guest will have that surprise of what's
here for them to enjoy as they watch the movie.

Touching on ‘Support’ as one of the Trends for 2020, online forums are so important now with
isolation so prevalent. If you can’t get together, the movie idea could still work with a computer
and some organization… Plan a remote movie night for friends all watching the same movie the
same night. You can take the idea and make it your own. Maybe a curbside drop off of movie
items to everyone on your list will make for a fun evening.

I do hope that you all have a wonderful summer and get a chance to relax, lay back, be
comfortable and secure in your own space.  If you have any ideas for your summer experience
that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them.