Glamping in Your Backyard

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Summer is well under way in our area. Hot days, hot nights and lots more ‘stay-cations’. This year is different: we are spending a lot more time at home so let’s make the best use of our outdoor spaces.

It really doesn’t matter how big a yard you have, what matters is how you use it. Glamping in your own yard can be as easy as setting up a cozy conversation area to have friends over – socially distant. First step is to decide on a style you would like to create. Rustic, Urban, Classic? When I think of Rustic, the first thing that comes to mind is a fire-pit for storytelling, and making music. There are lots of options including the circular pit inserted into the ground with patio stones around the area or newer metal circles made with punched-out designs to create interesting shadows. Make it comfortable with long wood benches with backs, loungers and Adirondack chairs, and lawn torches placed around the seating area. Set out plaid blankets, a guitar and of course marshmallows.

When Urban comes to mind, I think of a sleek patio with a gas-lit fire table, solar lighting around the seating area that features modern metal with a touch of wicker and throws in soft solid colours.

Classic is the most common look for individuals. This can be achieved by building a stone fireplace either gas or wood depending on where your home is located. Seating is usually wicker chairs with large arms and sofa / loveseat combinations. Throws could be either plaid or solid. You can add strings of lights and possibly a candle-chandelier. You may have noticed the one piece that is consistent in all looks is the fire-pit. Fire gives a relaxing feel, time to slow down and just enjoy the company and nature around. Always check with your local municipality to see what is permitted.

If your budget is tight you can achieve the above styles with items from around the home. A large metal trough-style pail can be made into a fire pit by filling it with sand, putting candles in the centre and filling around the edges with some decorative river rocks. Create eclectic-looking seating by using a mixture of chairs, string lanterns around the patio area and use old blankets that you want to repurpose for the outdoors.

Maybe you don’t have a backyard, but if you have a balcony, you can still make it a wonder place by following some of the ideas mentioned and possibly adding a gel or candle fire-pit if allowed by your building manager.

The last part to touch on for outdoor enjoyment is the bugs. Those pesky mosquitos will likely show up as uninvited guests, and we can think ahead about how to deal with them. Some folks have their favorite repellent sprays and lotions, while others find bug-resistant clothing with mesh shirts and pants are their preferred option. For a natural deterrent, place citronella plants to help keep them at bay.

With some of these ideas I am sure you will be able to create the best backyard glamping experience for you and your friends.

Happy summer everyone.