Bathroom Renos

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What do you think of when I say bathroom? Is it warm and relaxing, or is it just a place to get ready in
the morning and before bed?
Whatever you want your bathroom to be, it must fit your needs. Bathroom renos can be surprisingly
expensive so it’s good to think about exactly what you want. The first place to start is with your wish list
and a floor pan.

Consider new ways of dividing the bathroom fixtures allowing more than one family member access
areas as needed. One idea is a water closet, which is a small room with just the toilet in it and the other
idea is having the vanity in a separate part of the bathroom. Either way, easier access the goal. When it
comes to the tub and shower, consider whether it’s best to have them together or separate.
Some of the new ideas in bathrooms are free standing glass showers, soaker tubs, vanities with stone
tops and toilets that are right height.

Let’s start with the free-standing shower. Custom-made showers give lots of opportunities to be
creative. I like to start from scratch making sure that the walls are properly prepared for tile. Larger
tiles that measure 12×24 are quite popular with a mosaic tile base. I like to include ‘cubbies’ to hold the
shower necessities. These can be placed in a variety of spots at a height that is comfortable for
reaching. In terms of shower heads, rain showers are still popular but are on a down-trend with more
people choosing ‘spa treatment’ options that includes a hand shower and shower head. Many
homeowners are turning to ‘open’ walk-in showers using just a glass partition. These are great if you
have the space since it eliminates the need for a shower door.

Soaker tubs give you the option of having a relaxing evening and I expect these will be popular for some
time to come. When asked if it is wise to eliminate the bathtub in your home, my answer is usually no.
For resale value, most find that it’s best to have at least one tub in the home.
When it comes to bathroom countertops, granite or quartz are popular choices. Marble is beautiful but
does require more care and maintenance. Vanities can be open or closed and it really depends on what
your needs are. Having a closed vanity gives you more options for hidden storage.
Right-height toilets are a bit higher than older models and are easier to use especially for people who
have had knee or hip surgery.

Top flooring choices are currently tile and waterproof vinyl. My preference is tile with an in-floor
heating system. With heated floors there are fewer mold issues since the floor keeps the room dryer.
Timer systems let you set the heating to come on at specific times of the day. Just think about how nice
it would be to walk on a warm floor first thing in the morning. Happy decorating!